Session ID: 10829

Abstract: Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Personalization refers to the personalization of the user interface of Oracle Self-Service Web Applications without modifying the delivered code. This presentation will focus on few business case studies, and provide tips on when and how to leverage OAF Personalization to meet the business requirements; and tips to Troubleshoot OA Framework pages. Focus of the presentation also includes the migration of OAF Personalization within instances using delivered Import/Export feature in Functional Administrator responsibility.

Objective 1: Learn both basic and advanced OAF Personalizations

Objective 2: Learn to analyze OAF pages to both troubleshooting purpose and also to decide if extension/customization is required to meet the requirement.

Objective 3: Focus on importing and exporting personalization can be leverage during upgrades or implementations.

Objective 4: This presentation benefits both functional and technical super users

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer