Session ID: 10821

Abstract: With the EBS Functional Analyzers being the most powerful diagnostic tools Oracle Corporation has placed in the users' hands, you'll want to attend this panel discussion to learn more about what they provide. The panel, consisting of users and members of the Oracle team that developed the tools, will provide unique insight on using the tools, the latest enhancements to the analyzers, and new functionality on the horizon! Join us for the Oracle Functional Analyzer SIG meeting and take away useful tools and tips to use daily in your organization.

Objective 1: Educate users on the benefits of the Oracle EBS Functional Analyzers in everyday business.

Objective 2: Demonstrate how the Oracle EBS Functional Analyzers can be used to expedite issue resolution.

Objective 3: Support users of the Oracle EBS Functional Analyzers by providing experts to answer their questions.

Objective 4: Provide avenue for user input to Oracle Support on ways to enhance the EBS Functional Analyzers.

Objective 5: Offer an open forum for users to network and share ideas, insights, and solutions used in Oracle EBS applications.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer