Session ID: 10819

Abstract: Running Hyperion Business Rules on web forms is standard practice. Letting user’s choose from multiple calculation options on the same form they budget/forecast, not so standard! Throw in the fact the application contains over 800 drivers and 100 potential calculation methods and you have one monster PBCS application! Check out how we implemented Smart Lists into a Spare Dimension to allow planners to select a desired driver calculation for every account on their planning forms. This solution also includes custom error handling to ensure users make valid selections.

Objective 1: Demonstrate why/when it is beneficial to allow users to select various calculation methods on a data entry form.

Objective 2: Show how SmartLists can be used in Sparse dimensions.

Objective 3: Reveal how simple error handling can be used in Business Rues to prevent common user error.

Audience: Functional / User