Session ID: 10781

Abstract: Do you have to wait a long time before IT builds your BI dashboards? Your wait is over. Finally, the technology is here that lets you build BI yourself. This session discusses how you can easily build the data models yourself from raw data sources through a web browser with drag, drop and click functions! Discuss every step-in detail (in DV data preparation) to build a complete dashboard. This session also discusses how you can combine your enterprise data sources with data in flat files, without involving your IT department. A real-life example is demonstrated.

Objective 1: The lifecycle of dashboard development without IT is explained

Objective 2: Step by step details of how to model the data using DV is explained

Objective 3: Business users will take back so much information that they can start building dashboards right away

Objective 4: Organizations will realize higher ROI as users can leverage their business knowledge with data more.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer