Session ID: 10778

Abstract: The City of Las Vegas (CLV) had an extensive On-Premises OBIEE installation supporting CLV’s critical business operations. CLV IT leadership wanted to address the following high-priority items: 1. Reduce BI System Administration 2. Enhance the Mobile Information Delivery Experience 3. Promote Analytics Innovation 4. Provide Self-Service BI Capability. We chose the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OACS) as the new Cloud BI Deployment Platform. Join us to talk about lessons learned, efficiencies gained from implementing, configuring, and migrating OBIEE to the OAC.

Objective 1: Provide ample references of the product and use cases that helps every organization.

Objective 2: Discuss a new face of BI with OAC functionalities

Objective 3: Discuss why its important to be in the cloud

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer