Session ID: 10777

Abstract: This presentation is a case study of how AZZ implemented mobile approvals for Oracle E-business Suite for both seeded out of the box modules as well as our custom applications including our in-house Capital Expense Request APEX application. The study will also cover some of the significant decisions accompanying this deployment including Virtual Private Network versus Mobile Device Management provisioning for devices to provide connectivity for the app and considerations for our custom Human Resource Workflows.

Objective 1: Show how AZZ Inc was able to implement the Mobile Approvals for IOS and Android devices

Objective 2: Show how a customized E-Business Suite Workflows was integrated into the application deployment

Objective 3: Show how a custom application written in Oracle APEX was integrated into the application deployment

Objective 4: Highlight some of the key decisions for connectivity of the app and the choices we chose to make

Audience: Functional / User