Session ID: 10771

Abstract: There is no Greenfield - When implementing Oracle ERP Cloud, it is inevitable to integrate with existing systems. One common requirement is that data gathered in Oracle ERP Cloud needs to be enriched with data held in other systems to provide comprehensive reporting capabilities beyond the functionality of the BI transaction within the ERP Cloud. This exchange presents how to use BI Publisher Web Services or BI Cloud Connector to get data out of Oracle SaaS and into an Oracle APEX “Data Mart”.

Objective 1: Learn which basic types of interfaces Oracle ERP Cloud provides for reading various business objects

Objective 2: Understand the respective pros and cons of using BI Publisher Web Services or BI Cloud Connector

Objective 3: Learn and avoid the pitfalls we saw when implementing such an integration

Objective 4: Learn how using those tools properly, the ERP Cloud data can be easily brought into APEX

Objective 5: Understand lessons learned / best practices during implementation of the integration project

Audience: Technical