Session ID: 10740

Abstract: HR Analytics gets a lot of focus, but behind our great HR analytics work we need the unsung disciplines of great data quality and meaningful master data structures. Experian, the largest global information services company, aligned its people data structures to allow meaningful segmentation in analytics and converted the hours its analytics team spent simply wrestling with data into hours spent on productive insights. Discover more about the approach to designing meaningful structures and the governance and disciplines designed to make a change of this magnitude stick.

Objective 1: Understand how Experian redesigned the key people data structures in Oracle

Objective 2: Learn the challenges associated with the transition from old to new data structures

Objective 3: Learn how a governance process was implemented to ensure the changes were cemented

Objective 4: Discover how positive impacts on analytics capabilities were successfully delivered and sustained

Objective 5: Understand how Experian turned their workforce analytics team from data wranglers into a team spending their time on real analytics

Audience: Management