Session ID: 10731

Abstract: One of the most overlooked challenges when migrating from multiple legacy systems to Oracle is the consolidation of duplicate customer and supplier master data. Most data owners will want their master data converted exactly as it was in their legacy system, with little regard for similar data in other systems; however, this can lead to many headaches once live. Attendees will walk away with both, a proven approach to identify duplicate customer and supplier master data, and a risk averse strategy to consolidate duplicates as part of the migration process.

Objective 1: Provide a brief background on the TCA structure inherent to Oracle.

Objective 2: Discuss the risks associated with duplicate customer and supplier master data.

Objective 3: Provide a high level approach to identifying duplicate candidates across multiple legacy systems.

Objective 4: Provide a strategy for consolidating duplicate candidates from multiple legacy systems.

Objective 5: Discuss the impact of duplicate consolidation on downstream transactional data conversion elements.

Audience: Technical