Session ID: 10714

Abstract: Oracle Analytics has picked up tremendous advancement in Machine Learning (ML) capabilities which are available in several ways: built-in drag and drop functions onto visualizations, autonomous prediction execution and custom trained ML models. If you are a business analyst who wants to look ahead and provide innovative ideas on how to improve your business, come see how Oracle Analytics can empower you. This session helps you understand how a single tool connects you to your various data sources, apply Machine Learning without being statistically savvy and easily build your story in presentation format.

Objective 1: Learn about Machine Learning capabilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud

Objective 2: See demo of how to leverage single-click Autonomous Machine Learning in OAC

Objective 3: Learn how to create and apply custom-built predictive ML models by simply using an internet browser

Objective 4: Visualize your historical data together with predictive ML data on Data Visualization canvases

Objective 5: Learn how to train, score and tune predictive models with OAC Data Flows

Audience: Functional / User