Session ID: 10708

Abstract: Non-traditional PSOs like Engineering firms do not employ “Staffing Managers” for resource allocation. This burden falls to project and resource managers. Resource Management applications require these managers to assume the burden of maintaining staffing data in addition to their regular duties. This paper shows how financial planning in Oracle Projects can automate the staffing function. PMs plan and execute their projects using budgets and forecasts while RMs get a view of where their resources are deployed and Operations Manager get Resource Supply & Demand reporting for strategic planning.

Objective 1: Show the importance of Resource Planning for PSOs

Objective 2: Describe currently available resource management applications and the burden they place on users

Objective 3: Show how this function can be simplified and semi-automated with Oracle Projects

Objective 4: Describe resource planning outputs from the proposed process

Objective 5: Show a demo of the proposed solution

Audience: Project Manager