Session ID: 10699

Abstract: Cloud, SaaS, Digitalization, "API-driven" IT and microservices are today’s biggest drivers in the IT landscape. Completely transforming the IT into heterogenous landscapes. But ERP systems like Oracle EBS are still building the backbone for most processes, like finance, accounting, manufacturing, supply chain. To leverage and keep the agility of modern API driven IT landscapes it is crucial that those legacy systems can be easily, effectively and tightly integrated. This presentation shows how to integrate EBS leveraging the integral EBS component "Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG)".

Objective 1: Audience should get an idea of ISG and how it works

Objective 2: Audience will learn how to deploy standard APIs and Interfaces

Objective 3: Show how to deploy custom APIs

Objective 4: Explain the strength of ISG related with Cloud Integration Platforms like, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, IBM Ironcast

Audience: Technical