Session ID: 10687

Abstract: This case study focuses on the opportunities and challenges that arose during the implementation of Sourcing at Sparton. The company provides sophisticated electromechanical devices for governmental entities and a range of industries. To support the Federal Acquisition Regulations System, we utilize a formal procurement process to manage supplier sourcing information. The presentation concentrates on moving this previously siloed sourcing process to a real-time collaboration application that fully integrates with the entire procurement cycle.

Objective 1: Understand the collaboration features used by the Request for Information, Quotation, and Auction processes.

Objective 2: Communicate the benefits that arose with using integrated Sourcing functions.

Objective 3: List the application personalizations and extensions employed to meet our business requirements.

Objective 4: Discuss the challenges that have been overcome while implementing a supplier based application within the enterprise.

Audience: Project Manager