Session ID: 10673

Abstract: We had so many pain points before we even looked at Oracle PCard and Travel card. There was a lot of research involved as what was the product and what was the best way to approach the implementation. Was told that it was a simple task prompting an in-house project. Took us a while to realize that PCard and Travel Card were 2 different streams so decided to implement one at a time. Started with Travel Card and took almost 8 months to put into Production. Hurdles involved getting right file from the bank to technical setups. At the end both PCard and Travel Cards are working well making life so much easier for users. Oracle 12.1

Objective 1: When should you consider implementing PCard and Travel Card

Objective 2: Hurdles that you might face and how to overcome them

Objective 3: Broad Implementation Steps for PCard and Travel Card functionality

Objective 4: Step by Step demo of how both the functionality works

Objective 5: Impart knowledge and help if anybody wants implement the functionality

Audience: Functional / User