Session ID: 110370

Abstract: JD Edwards Distribution Deep Dive Workshop is broken up into four 50-minute sessions focused on popular JD Edwards distribution topics that most JD Edwards WORLD and ENTERPRISEONE users want to learn more about. Session topics include: Advanced Pricing Making Advanced Pricing Work as More Than a Basic Pricing Tool; Transportation Lite' The Business Benefits of a Bare Bones Transportation Management Implementation; Leveraging RF Smart to Support Shipping and Warehouse Operations; Effective Setup and Management of Master Data.Want to attend this session? Register for it through the Quest COLLABORATE register system. Already registered? Add a workshop by logging into the myConference portal and click on 'Add Options.

Objective 1: Learn to use JDE applications more effectively.

Objective 2: Utilize RF-SMART's Warehouse Management Lite Solution to simplify; expedite and streamline warehouse management; shipping and receiving. Get an overview of the tool; how to improve warehouse picking efficiency and simplify transfer orders and more.

Objective 3: UX One tools within JDE can be used to improve management of master data. Secure data and simplify data management for end users with Forms Personalization; manage the process flow and alerting users when they need to take action.