Session ID: 110110

Abstract: Cost reduction is a goal for financial operations at all institutions and agencies. Stakeholders need to collaborate with the departments across the organization to improve collaboration in order to meet objectives and regulatory directives. PeopleSoft Accounts Payable has been providing for best practices in the area of automation; consolidation and standardization. This session provides an update on Oracle's PeopleSoft Accounts Payable and eSettlements solutions with expansions to monitor the operation via PeopleSoft Fluid UI to simplify the business process; streamline the invoice process; leverage supplier self-service and quickly clear exceptions to further reduce costs. This session will provide an overview of upcoming collaborative expansions delivered through PeopleSoft Update Images that will further increase efficiency; visibility; and greatly improve your supplier relationships.

Objective 1: Learn about what's possible in efficiencies in the invoice to pay business flow

Objective 2: Learn what's coming in the roadmap to reduce costs and liabilities.