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Abstract: Atlas Pacific Engineering Company (APEC) creates complex machinery to handle their customer's food processing needs. These bespoke machines require careful production planning to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. The APEC production planning department also needs to be able to adjust quickly when a customer requires an urgent repair or replacement machine. To accomplish this; resources at APEC and Terillium have developed a custom production scheduling workbench to efficiently manage the high volume of planned work orders that exist on the shop floor at any given moment or will soon start production. Using this application; planners can quickly analyze upcoming work orders to see component availability; work center load; and scheduled production dates. From there; the planner can adjust the work order as they see fit using a number of built-in tools to best optimize scheduling and workload on the floor.

Objective 1: Present the Work Order Scheduler application and review its features

Objective 2: Highlight the Scheduler's importance to the APEC production planning department

Objective 3: Discuss other industries and applications for the Work Order Scheduler