Session ID: 101670

Abstract: While mergers are common place in today's economy; divestitures also occur and require specific focus from both the operational and technology perspectives. In this session we will review the planning process for divestitures; explain the different types and considerations; and review the key requirements to successfully complete the business and technology steps..This session will features lessons learned from Randy Emslie from Energy Fenestration who's division was divested from a larger entity.

Objective 1: Define the different types of divestitures and how they impact the post divestiture operations of an independent organization from a business and technology perspective.

Objective 2: Provide a road map and check list of the key considerations to incorporate into predivestiture conversations including TSA's and considerations on the technology environment

Objective 3: To review best practices for the execution of the E1 data segregation process; options for the deployment model and service model and best practices and lessons learned.