Session ID: 105700

Abstract: Every implementation; upgrade and initiative is confronted with the fact that human resources and end-users are the single most important key to making technology and business process change successful. And; that there are any number of saboteurs (at all levels of the organization) ready to resist; stall; compromise; and simply make life difficult. To minimize project risks and effectively manage the difficult people that compromise change; one must understand and apply the basic (universal) principles and techniques of dealing with Resisters; Tourists; and Prisoners. Using behavioral science; 30+ years of business experience; and humor; a leading psychologist will teach practical solutions to mitigating resistance and managing change with the people who seem to need it the most.

Objective 1: Learn to identify; understand and manage difficult and resistant people; power struggles and sabotaging personalities at all levels of an organization.

Objective 2: Effectively manage the 4 basic drives of all people. Learn how to re-set a situation for immediate resolution of conflict.

Objective 3: Techniques to change people's behavior and resistance without them knowing it. Practical steps to effectively keep the lines of communication open and speed absorption of change.