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Abstract: Welcome to JDE...we're all mad here! Over the years; I learned to embrace the madness; from those first wanderings as a JDE end user; to the terrifying (and rewarding) step into JDE Business Analyst Land; to my most recent path as a JDE Consultant. Along the way; I met some great traveling companions; took some forks in the road; forced myself to explore the unknown; and worked really; really hard. I'll share my best choices (get involved with Quest) and my lessons learned (learn to say no - really); as well a candid look at how being a consultant differs from being a customer. Presented by EmeraldCube; a Syntax Company.

Objective 1: The First Steps - How I became a JDE user; what I learned; and how I took the terrifying leap into being a JDE Business Analyst

Objective 2: The Hike in the Middle - My time as a JDE Business Analyst; connecting the dots; and how I knew it was time to start my consulting journey

Objective 3: The Current Adventure - Working for an awesome Oracle partner; the differences between being a customer and being a consultant; new horizons every day