Session ID: 103890

Abstract: As you plan for your future data management and analytics strategy; Cloud will certainly play a crucial role in any path you follow. It's no longer a question of 'if'; but 'when'; and for many; the 'when' is NOW! We've identified four paths to Cloud that will influence how you architect and deploy analytics at any scale across Cloud; on-premises; and hybrid deployments. By choosing the appropriate starting point on your journey to the cloud; based on your own unique requirements and company policies; you will take best advantage of all the benefits that Cloud architecture and subscription economics have to offer.

Objective 1: Determine which factors weigh most heavily in decisions on which path you follow to cloud

Objective 2: Understand the four architectural patterns you can choose as you go to cloud; knowing it may be more than one...

Objective 3: Identify which path(s) make the most sense based on use case and organizational approach.