Session ID: 103630

Abstract: Project executives; PMs and support teams have examined multiple projects and derived a series of lessons learned over several HCM Cloud and Taleo implementations that help avoid the pain points and pitfalls. Recognizing these types of issues will lead to a smoother project. This session will review multiple business cases for installs and upgrades and the risk mitigation plans the team should take to address assessment concerns. We will focus on:1) Strategic objectives and project management tools2) Team structures and time management3) Stakeholder participation4) Basic infrastructure and software licensing5) Adequate skillsetsWe will share our strategy for identifying the situations; the remedial actions necessary and make recommendations for avoiding the change management/cultural trouble spots that you may face.

Objective 1: Discuss the root causes of obstacles/problems encountered in multiple implementations; share common themes across all/multiple teams; show how each issue was addressed/resolved; and the lessons learned.

Objective 2: Discuss the Program Management Office and Steering Committee governance structure; along with what worked; what did not and where the PMO underestimated magnitude of the change necessary.