Session ID: 101840

Abstract: This session builds upon the PSFT on OCI presentation delivered at Collaborate 2018 and Oracle Open World 2018. Organizations face comprehensive technical and business challenges in assessing; selecting; and deploying various cloud strategies for their PeopleSoft applications. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a compelling answer. Not only have there been tremendous advances in the technology but PeopleSoft has been architected to run optimally on OCI. Come learn about how leveraging OCI for your PeopleSoft instance(s) is something you need to consider today.

Objective 1: By the end of the session attendees will have a better understanding of the migration process to lift-and-shift PeopleSoft to OCI; and how determine an organizations 'cloud readiness.'

Objective 2: Best practices for planning; architecture and execution standpoint.

Objective 3: Understand PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and how it lowers your total cost of ownership.