Session ID: 106080

Abstract: See how Ford Meter Box leveraged the power of Orchestrations to improve customer support and provide real-time information available anytime and anywhere.Ford Meter Box has field service representatives across the world. These representatives maintain relationships with our distributors. Not being salesmen; they do not require the functionality of a CRM package.

Objective 1: Using orchestrations Ford was able to provide their representatives with a means to view and update Who's Who information; report on calls with distributors; and integrate their expense information with their weekly status reports.

Objective 2: Providing our field representatives with the mobile access to JDE ensures that Who's Who information is current; representatives have relevant information when visiting a customer; and that employee turn over does not lead to loss of customer data.

Objective 3: Demonstrate how Ford Meter Box empowered field representatives with the information they need to work faster and smarter.