Session ID: 103350

Abstract: Have you ever wanted to ask 'that elite group' of developers - ANYTHING? Now's your chance. Daniel Bohner (db) and a select panel of Sr. Developers (big names) will be at the front. Beware; we will 'Candidly' answer almost any question.

Objective 1: Submit Questions in Advance - One of us (or all of us) will chime in on possible solutions / work-a-rounds.

Objective 2: That CANDID AUA - Ask Us Anything - You may get Almost Any Answer (beware). We hope to spend most of the session being a target for the hard (or fun) stuff

Objective 3: Don't tell anyone - but we've invited Oracle to the Panel... Let's see who shows up! Ask-Them-Anything-Too [OK; TELL EVERYONE]