64 Bit! WHY? How?

4:30 PM–5:30 PM Apr 9, 2019

GH 2ND FL Mission A


Session ID: 102620

Abstract: JD Edwards is now 64 bit; and everyone is excited; but WHY? This presentation takes a deeper look at why your next tools upgrade should be 64 bit. And once you make that decision; what is going to take to put into that your environment. We will look at how that may affect your interfaces; ODBC connections and printer drivers.

Objective 1: Identify 'Why' someone would want to install a 64-bit JDE Tools release.

Objective 2: Discuss the 'How'of moving to 64 bit. A participant of this presentation should walk away with steps it will take to implement 64 bit.

Objective 3: Highlight some of the technical challenges moving to 64 bit.