Session ID: 100520

Abstract: Have you ever thought or heard any of these in your business? 'I love the new tools; but I don't know where to begin using them?' or 'How do I use them?' If you have ever heard these or thought something similar come join me as I guide us through the Quest of enabling; creating; publishing; and modifying personal forms! Because with Personal Forms we no longer need a developer to customize forms. With the proper guide the quest for Personalized Forms can be so easy; by the end you can begin making them within 10 minutes. No development needed!

Objective 1: Discuss what Personal Forms; Customized Grids; and Form Extensions are and Tools release need for each.

Objective 2: Discuss how we can easily create; manage; publish; and promote Personalized Forms; Customized Grids; and Form Extensions.

Objective 3: Discuss how we can leverage these new tools to create a simplified user friendly experience; and provide a real-world example of such.