Winning Tactics - PeopleSoft Treasury in a Regulated World

8:00 AM–9:00 AM Apr 11, 2019

GH 3RD FL Presidio B


Session ID: 103320

Abstract: Join Wells Fargo and Elire for a session that will provide an overview of how Wells Fargo implemented a continuous delivery model for PeopleTools upgrades along with their PeopleSoft Test Framework strategy. The presenters will also discuss the strategy of adapting from the original implementation using PUM 4 and re-applying all images up to 29 including decommissioning customizations. Lastly; the presenters will review topics related to consolidating cash management activities and strengthening the organization's financial controls in an intense regulated world of financial institutions.

Objective 1: The attendees will understand the thought process in developing a continuous delivery model for mandatory quarterly upgrades of PeopleTools and the utilization of PeopleSoft Test Framework to save hours of manual testing.

Objective 2: Discuss insights in the pros and cons of an application upgrade across multiple images. The benefits of selective adoption versus accepting entire images will be discussed and collaborate with attendees on shared experiences.

Objective 3: The audience will hear topics on implementing strong financial controls in a heavily regulated environment by consolidating cash management activities across multiple business lines throughout the Enterprise.