Session ID: 109770

Abstract: The decision to upgrade was influenced by internal & external factors. oModern Machinery is the last of the WC Operating Company on an older release which prevents the user community to fully take advantage of new features; functionality and other user tools while also building up the Super User Role. oMaintenance Support window ending for release 9.0. The upgrade to 9.2 will provide continued support without interruption or sustaining support.oComply with internal WC policy of not being 2 releases behind the current version. Quick and accurate method to identify and retrofit over 1200 customized objects into 9.2 as well as standard objects with minor changes or DD revisions. Included a method to classify the objects by complexity (hard; medium; easy) which was a key in reviewing and staffing resources. Time constraint due to availability of resources and other commitments. The project had to meet the original proposed go-live date of 11/12/2018.

Objective 1: Decision to fully Manage 9.2 Upgrade Internally. Project was staffed at 90% internal; 10% external. Overall - excellent cost saving decision.

Objective 2: Testing; Training & Documentation solid plan required to meet needs of offsite staffers. Testing and system performance achieved by CRP and ICRP; SharePoint site as repository for all project-related; See Challenges section for full details.

Objective 3: Method to accurately find; identify; and determine the degree of complexity of the objects to be retrofitted for the project. Involved leveraging knowledge/skill set of in-house developers. See challenges section for full details.