Ampacet's JDE 9.2 Upgrade - Rewards and Challenges

2:00 PM–3:00 PM Apr 10, 2019

GH 2ND FL Lonestar Salon F


Session ID: 105070

Abstract: An upgrade gives organizations an opportunity to increase their user's performance and efficiency by deploying the latest usability and process features. Most of the 9.2 improvements were done at the user experience level to streamline and empower the interaction with the system. The project was done in a challenging global environment having complex localisations requirements. We successfully upgraded in 104 days using the new simplified upgrade method and full active participation of our implementation partners; ERP-One and Oracle Support; to tackle our functional and technical issues.

Objective 1: Review implementation approach used: evaluation; assessment; implementation and maintenance.

Objective 2: Discuss benefits gained from the upgrade translated into tangible business improvements.

Objective 3: Hear about the successes and challenges of the project from a lessons learned perspective.