Session ID: 103070

Abstract: Linda Nelson teams up with a cast of Super Heroes for an expedited JDE E1 Upgrade and Process Improvement adventure. The adventure starts with the Upgrade Planning Scenario and ends up with a Best Practice Security Model Implementation ready to go at GoLive! In the classic cycle of the Hero; learn how an organization is able to effect an effective security model while navigating other upgrade challenges plus other obstacles that twist the plot! We will discuss the challenges and obstacles hurdled across the spectrum of the upgrade to 9.2. Meet the team of Super Heroes from ALLOut who assisted: The Super Security Meister; the Provision-ator; the Menu Magician; the Dream Roles Dancer and Upgrade Uberator. Spend a few minutes with us to identify what to look for and how to look in order to be prepared for a security audit of your ERP environment. Ensure you catch the issues before your auditor whether you are using a security reporting tool or not.

Objective 1: Overview of Upgrade Plan Highlights & Desired Outcomes

Objective 2: Review technologies selected to expedite upgrade and expectations

Objective 3: Review of anticipated; and unanticipated challenges and resolutions