Session ID: 102980

Abstract: So; you finally completed the milestone upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2--but are you fully-utilizing the new features? Join this session as we walk through what the next steps should be after your upgrade is complete. We'll demonstrate how the new JDE usability features provide a more user-friendly system and can allow you to say 'no' less often. We'll discuss how clunky batch integrations can be streamlined and modernized using the new JDE tools; and we'll walk through the numerous features in JDE 9.2 that can help your business socialize actionable items more effectively; allowing employees to make better; faster and more preemptive decisions. If you have recently upgraded to 9.2; join us as we discuss all the great features that await.

Objective 1: Discuss what the next steps should be once the upgrade is completed; and how the new JDE usability features can help you serve your customers and clients better

Objective 2: Discuss how integrations and connections to your JDE environment can be modernized and streamlined using the new JDE features and how new usability features can help enable better and faster communication of actionable items to business users