Session ID: 103230

Abstract: See how Martin Marietta leveraged new Lease Accounting Solution released in JDE 9.2; to help become compliant with the new ASC 842 accounting standard requirement for the leases. If you are subject to the new lessee accounting standards under the ASC-842 standards; learn how easy it is to configure and implement the new JDE Lease Accounting solution in under 10 weeks.

Objective 1: Learn the basics of the new Lease Accounting solution in JDE 9.2; and how you can deploy the same in under 10 weeks

Objective 2: How JDE product team went above and beyond to help Martin and their partner RedFaire become successful with this initiative; by providing expedited support; including the gaps in the product design; delivering configurable fixes in a timely fashion

Objective 3: What are the out of the box capabilities available in JDE solution and How to leverage the provided UX One roles and other JDE 9.2 tools capabilities to make the solution more efficient and very user friendly