Session ID: 107340

Abstract: In today's fast paced; rapidly changing environment; keeping your inventory master data current can be challenging to say the least. Managing the data integrity between the Item Master and the Item Branch tables can be a full time job. Keeping JDE locations and warehouse data consistent with seemingly endless business reorganizations is a challenge in itself. Finally; how do you manage segmented items? Many organizations look to 3rd party tools; custom builds or even spreadsheets to manage their inventory master data. Before you look at these alternatives; do you truly know what the native JDE Global Update programs can do for you? Join me as I review several tools that are in JDE today that can help you with these challenges. I will discuss their advantages; drawbacks and when they are most effective.

Objective 1: Global Update Tools: What is available in JDE today?

Objective 2: Tool comparison: The purpose of each tool; including advantages; drawbacks and what to watch for.

Objective 3: Start using these tools today: What you need to do to prepare before you use any of the JDE Inventory Global Update tools.