Session ID: 106700

Abstract: Do you struggle with managing costs in Product Costing? Are you afraid of your Periodic Product Costing process? Although many have implemented this functionality; they continue to struggle with how best to use the tools. How to Simulate and Freeze all or a subset of your items and how do you set the timing for it? All this will be reviewed and more in this session.

Objective 1: Cost Components: The ability to organize your manufacturing costs into components is the first step to help you implement an effective Periodic Product Costing method.

Objective 2: Cost Methods: This is the next step in managing your costs within manufacturing. Getting this right is key to Periodic Product Costing working for you.

Objective 3: Administering Periodic Cost Roll Ups: What to do when it goes sideways. We will review common examples of when the simulation is not giving you the answer you expected; and what to do about it.