Session ID: 102020

Abstract: The employee landscape and experience continues to evolve and change and so do the requirements for Employee Self Service. The Port of Portland has merged our Diversity; Equity and Inclusion value with JDE self-service.

Objective 1: Oregon is one of the first US states to allow residents to identify as 'non-binary'; a third gender option. The Port of Portland wanted to provide employees a means to self-identify gender while still working within the confines of JDE

Objective 2: The Port will demonstrate our considerations to meet employees and dependents' needs for additional gender values without creating overly complicated logic. Now employees may use E1 self-service to provide data including gender identity.

Objective 3: A straight-forward solution is now used to allow employees to voluntarily disclose gender identity and/or sexual orientation. Explore our use of Supplemental Data and business views to provide HR with reporting capabilities of the new data.