Session ID: 101620

Abstract: Industry 4.0 has been revolutionizing the manufacturing and warehousing processes. We are now able to combine technology and operations to bring together an interconnected web of automated processing power. We no longer worry about manually updating. We have Bots and Orchestrations that effortlessly update and verify our ERP data in real time. There truly is no better time to be using JDE! But; how do we bring operations and technology together? How do we monitor these systems? How can we make this information available at a glance on manufacturing checkpoints? Join us as we demonstrate bringing Smart Factory and Smart Warehouses together with Caf 1; Orchestrations; and Composed Pages.

Objective 1: Using Orchestrations as an integration tool; as an automated data entry tool; and a connection with Bots

Objective 2: Show how easy it is to use Personalized forms; Caf1; and Composer Pages to show information across systems

Objective 3: We will provide demos of solutions currently in production for our Finance; Manufacturing and Warehouse projects that utilize a combination of Orchestrations; Caf1; and Composed Pages