Session ID: 103190

Abstract: The Next Generation of Testing has arrived. Are you tired of trying to remember the specific data; options and selection you used to test an update or change to your system; in order to test the exact same scenario again and again in each environment or after adjustments are made? Are you still creating paper test scenarios and having staff excute them? Are you being hounded by auditors to show evidence of testing prior to promoting packages to production? Let's bring you into the next generation of documented steps; consistent test data; repeated actions; automated script running; and the basis for end user training documents. Join us for this session and see how Pinal County leveraged the DWS SwifTest tool to gain testing efficiency and documentation with consistent processes in Financials; Procurement; Payroll; HCM and other modules.

Objective 1: Empower your Functional and Technical team members with knowledge and the tools to effectively and consistently test your system with a structured approach with documented results readily available.

Objective 2: Reduce testing time and take the guess work out; thereby enabling your teams to adopt a standard testing protocol and validate results with more efficiency & effectiveness.

Objective 3: Compare validated test script to the end user script. Are they missing steps or taking short cuts that are causing errors elsewhere? Find them quickly!