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Abstract: Your auditor is NOT a villain but it can sure feel that way when they are asking you to deliver EVIDENCE to demonstrate the strength of your system and internal controls in JDEdwards! This Showdown Melodrama illustrates how our story's hero went from being trapped in an audit-driven strangle-hold to easily galloping through security audits of the ERP environment. When that villain is on the horizon; enter the White Hats with Segregation of Duties Rules; easy Audit Reporting and saddlebags full of pro-active measures that can be undertaken. See how our hero wrangles maverick issues before the auditor comes to town and turns the Auditor from a black hat to a white hat. All while keeping the Ranch safe from pesky Fraudsters!

Objective 1: Review of standard Audit Requirements and explanation of Segregation of Duties Rules

Objective 2: Understand how to handle Segregation of Duties violationsthere are options!!

Objective 3: Know what else to look for and how to do it since internal controls extend beyond Segregation of Duties.