Session ID: 105570

Abstract: Drees Homes is a premier custom homebuilder headquartered in Fort Mitchell; KY just across the river from Cincinnati; OH. A long time user of JDE; they had accumulated a large quantity of data.The quantity of data in the production environment was slowing down performance. Moving data to an archive environment improved performance by removing the total number of rows that would be scanned in the database.Homebuilder creates some unique opportunities because of the multi-teared nature of the data and the number of years that a project may remain open.

Objective 1: Identify data that qualifies for archiving - this includes data with certain attributes and of a certain age. What data qualifies for archiving?

Objective 2: Determine all of the associated data that must e included with the primary data to avoid leaving any orphaned data resulting in data integrity issues.

Objective 3: Move the data that qualifies to an archiving environment readily accessible by users and existing reporting tools.