Session ID: 101800

Abstract: Fluidmaster has more than 200 CAFE1's mostly created by users! See Fluidmaster's demonstration of how to create BASIC CAFE1's that can be done as early as the tools release. Review some existing CAFE1's that Fluidmaster employees and business analysts have created. There are many fancy CAFE1 demonstrations; but this one will show you the very basic way to create a CAFE1 for yourself. Time permitting; we will also show more recent CAFE1's on the latest tools release including some of the UXOne's.

Objective 1: See a live demonstration of how to create a basic CAFE1; that can be done even on older releases going back to We will also see newer CAFE1's and UXOne's.

Objective 2: Learn how to tell if you have access to create a CAFE1.

Objective 3: See real user created CAFE1's that Fluidmaster employees created.