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Abstract: Using the Tax applications in Oracle ERP Cloud; we recently setup a complex Sales and Use tax structure for one of our Oracle ERP Cloud Customers.The customer is a lighting solutions provider that supplies and contracts out material and labor for projects in every state across the US. This makes for a very complex tax structure as each line on an invoice is taxed depending on multiple aspects of the transaction. Our customer needed each individual invoice line on the purchasing and sales side to be automatically taxed (or not taxed) at the correct rate.In order to do this; we setup a multi-nested tax matrix in the Oracle ERP Cloud that calculates the tax rate at the invoice line level depending on the type of item; project; transaction category; and ship-to location.In this presentation; I will cover how we delivered this solution through Oracle ERP Cloud.

Objective 1: Create a custom tax matrix based on your business operations.

Objective 2: Setup the basic tax rules (City; State; and County) for Sales and Use Tax. Setup special rules for exceptions to the tax policies for Special Rates or Rate Discounts.

Objective 3: Setup the custom tax matrix inside the Oracle Applications by creating:Tax classification codesTax determining factor setsTax condition setuoTax applicability rules