Session ID: 105500

Abstract: Oracle Cloud customers are often under the impression that their system implementer will address all of their internal controls needs as part of the implementation. Unfortunately that is usually not the case; and customers are left to consider how controls fit into their environment after-the-fact. This can introduce unnecessary risk; as well as create compliance issues and inefficiencies and added cost. It's important to consider the impact Oracle Cloud will have on the internal controls framework; and embed a controls workstream into the implementation to ensure internal controls are considered throughout the process.Join us as we walk through examples of internal controls we often see missed; back door access and configurations customers are often surprised exist; and how companies can build a controls framework that harnesses automation and addresses key internal controls risks in the organization.

Objective 1: Understand the opportunity available within Cloud to streamline and automate the control environment.

Objective 2: Understand the cost savings that can be realized when controls are integrated throughout the implementation instead of after go-live.

Objective 3: Understand the process efficiencies and cost savings that can be gained by integrating the right controls within the process design.