Session ID: 105730

Abstract: 85% of ERP projects fail to meet stated goals and business value. The reason? Failure to properly integrate people; business and technology into one purposeful framework from which project leadership makes decisions and develops actions to successfully implement technology/business change; and ensure effective transition of the organization. Thus; the recognized need for managing organizational change (OCM). Built on 28 years of OCM experience; this session will comprehensively outline the necessary elements to integrate and effectively implement OCM throughout the lifecycle of a project or change. Only proven methodologies and tools will be covered in this practical 'how-to-do-it' session.

Objective 1: Why OCM is key to project success; and how to articulate it to executive and user levels of the organization.

Objective 2: Using the most effective project management methodology as a reference point; participants will learn how to construct an effective OCM plan phase by phase; fully integrated with an overall project plan outlining specific tasks and initiatives.

Objective 3: Examples of proven tools and interventions/processes will examined and demonstrated as part of the course.