Session ID: 100790

Abstract: Texas Instruments Inc. is a global technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits. With a global workforce of 50k employees and contractors; Texas Instruments is on the HCM Cloud implementation journey with the help of Accenture. This session will showcase the step-by-step approach used to convert TI's 150+ user security requirements into security configuration in HCM Cloud. The approach will cover: 1. User group identification 2. Defining req. by user group 3. Categorizing each requirement into configuration methods: Duty Role/Privilege; Security Profile/Data Role; Role provisioning rule; Workflow and/or Page Personalization 4. Configure each requirement per config method

Objective 1: Present a simplified approach of architecting; designing and configuration Oracle HCM Cloud security using the Texas Instruments HCM Cloud implementation as a case study

Objective 2: Share key insights and guidelines to consider for HCM Cloud security implementation and maintenance by anchoring on 3 concepts: People; Data and Actions

Objective 3: Walk through the stpes by showcasing a real-life example of identifying user groups; requirements; analysis and configuration