Session ID: 100900

Abstract: Hennepin County Implemented Tools 8.55 and Fluid in fall 2017 (phase 1) and 'got current' with image 27 FSCM and image 26 HCM in fall 2018. This session will focus on their Fluid implementation; specifically on Homepages; Tiles; Navigation Collections; the security in designing; and the user acceptance.

Objective 1: To gain an understanding of the work effort required to upgrade to a Fluid environment for an organization that uses Portal; HCM; ELM; and FSCM.

Objective 2: Learn how Hennepin County designed and developed several homepages; tiles and navigation collections. What best practices did they follow; how they used PHIRE to migrate their changes; and the importance of understanding your security roles.

Objective 3: Hennepin County's lessons learned and how this resulted in a Portal/Fluid Governance team.