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Abstract: In preparation for GDPR, organizations are busy hiring Data Protection Officers. Unfortunately, most DPOs are simply hired into organizational cul-de-sacs in preparation for their role as sacrificial lambs to be fired at the first data breach. On the other hand, the Cambridge Analytica brouhaha shows that everybody is waking up to the fact that data is the raw material of the new economy. This presentation argues that since you are already establishing a DPO office, you should take GDPR as an opportunity to instigate the role of Data Guardians with responsibility for data access, integrity, confidentiality, lifecycle, enrichment and monetization.

Objective 1: Understand how a Data Guardian role expands on the GDPR minimums

Objective 2: Understand how the Data Guardian can fit into the organization without violating GDPR separation of concerns

Objective 3: Understand how to create a process to assign value to your data

Audience: -All-