Cognizant BPW (Business Process Weaver)

12:30 PM–1:30 PM Apr 22, 2018

Reef F

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Session ID: 107490

Abstract: A business process might have various processes (both adhoc & scheduled) that have to be triggered from different modules by the users manually (E.g. Account Payables, Financial Gateway and General Ledger) which increases the user clicks and frequent navigation to different pages across the modules. There is no unified approach to handle this. Specifically during month end close, finance users have to wait for a particular process/job to finish and initiate the subsequent process. This increases monitoring effort and manual scheduling of subsequent process by the users. External tools(Autosys/Tivoli/ControlM) for automation which are available in market will result in high cost, will require frequent maintenance of hardware and software which will increase the operating cost and creates dependencies on an external system. It increases training cost of the new system as well for the user. A unified solution would suffice the user to solve the above inefficiency and reduce the cost.

Objective 1: PeopleSoft's Business Process Weaver (BPW) is a new framework that enables you to model, manage and support stringing together Scheduled Processes (Delivered and Custom), PeopleSoft Jobs and User Interactions.

Objective 2: To bring in automation of jobs and processes to the end users through pictorial representation and better control on the sequencing.

Audience: Technical/Functional