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Session ID: 10228

Abstract: Companies are moving to global presence and there are many ways in which they are hoping to manage in an efficient manner, and this creates problems because - processes need to change - and systems need to follow to support these process changes. The tools available today may not entirely support all that is needed - but what is available and what can be done ? This is what you will get from this session and open a conversation on how other people resolve these challenges.

Objective 1: Understand what are the challenges in managing cash, treasury and payments

Objective 2: How do these tasks apply to you as a user in a global environment

Objective 3: Understand what challenges do people see in their day to day tasks in addressing these functional needs

Objective 4: Review and understand what solutions exist and what capabilities do not

Objective 5: What can you use in the current solutions offered/available?

Audience: Applications Manager or Business Analyst