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Session ID: 105330

Abstract: You will see multiple customer cases where Steltix leveraged the JD Edwards AIS and Orchestration technologies. The samples we will share include:Ability to develop barcode scanning transactions within days, interfacing directly with JDEdwards through OrchestrationsHave custom dashboards and data entry screens that look beautiful and save timeUtilize ground breaking technologies of beacons to create automated transactionsDevelop interfaces in hours rather than daysUpload thousands of records into JD Edwards completely validated by just dragging and droppingBe able to create your own Orchestration

Objective 1: Get to understand the technology of AIS and Orchestrations and how to apply it to your business

Objective 2: How you can make interacting with JD Edwards way easier for your users

Objective 3: Maximize your ongoing investment in JD Edwards and learn to make that work for you

Audience: Technical/Functional